My first steps on Shopware

I recently started to work with Shopware, a few days ago I've started with the online training and already got impressed on how fast and easily it can be installed.

If you already have a server up and running with all the (usually basic and normal) requirements, like my friend (namesake) Damian Culotta says in this post:

In just 3 commands you can have it!

$ composer create-project shopware/production .
$ bin/console system:setup
$ bin/console system:install --create-database --basic-setup

If you don't have a server and want to do a quick start, you have two options:

A: Go for Docker! The quick start guide on the platform repository sums up the 8 commands you need to run to get it fully working (including the database, the web server, mailhog, etc). Follow up this link and be happy as I am:

B: Want to try a quick local setup? Install MySQL locally or get a database instance from whatever you feel more comfortable, and then install Symfony Server + Shopware in just 8 commands! (I'm starting to see patron here with the number 8....).

1 - Get symfony server:

$ wget -O - | bash

2 - Export the PATH to execute Symfony:

$ export PATH="$HOME/.symfony/bin:$PATH"

3 - Create a folder / clone the project using production:

$ mkdir shopware && cd shopware && git clone [email protected]:shopware/production.git .

4 - Run composer install:

$ composer install

5 - Prepare the project setup (for local dev use the app URL:

$ bin/console system:setup

6 - Run the project setup:

$ bin/console system:install --create-database --basic-setup

7 - Start the server in the background:

$ symfony server:start -d

8 - Browse and be happy!

That's it! There you have 3 different ways to setup Shopware in a blink of an eye.