Typical issues that only happens to me - #2

I'm the guy that usually runs into the issues that no one had before when starting a project?

So the second time arrived with something really trivial that usually don't happen...

I was working in a new Shopware plugin and just realized that I've created the plugin folder in the wrong path.

I was looking on have my plugin into the custom/static-plugins folder, so I've moved it there, made sure the plugin was included in the composer file and the static folder configured as well. Obviously everything looked fine!

So, I did the usual ran:

$ composer install

To realize that my plugin disappeared! So doing a bit of research found:

$ bin/console plugin:refresh

Nothing! I though, would be weird but maybe something cached?

$ bin/console cache:clear

Obviously, still nothing!

At the end got a nice recommendation "did you tried update the lock file?" - no, didn't ......

$ composer update --lock

For the win! Trivial issue right? Only happens to the usual guy.... :D