Typical issues that only happens to me - #5

Another short one...

Yeah, a lot of issues since I'm new in Shopware, but always trying to get the good part of it.

Let's say you are installing multiple plugins, my first recommendation will be: don't do it ALL AT ONCE!

That been said and if you are stubborn like me or you are just lazy trying to save some commands, keep in mind the following:

"The plugins installation through the command line doesn't follow the order you write them as arguments."

Let's say you have a plugin A that depends on plugin B, so you go ahead and run:

$ bin/console plugin:install PluginB PluginA --activate

That doesn't guarantee that the plugins will be installed in that order (first PluginB and then PluingA), so if for example you have a service defined in PluginA that requires a service from PluginB you will end up in an error like this:

The service "PluginA\Service\ServiceA" has a dependency on a non-existent service "pluginb_service_key".

Making the PluginB required in the composer file of the PluginA doesn't fix this neither.

In order to install the plugins you need to manually install them in the proper order.

Really silly issue, but still an issue at the end...