Game development log #1

Too much time without updating my own site, so, I'm taking this opportunity and time to write about the progress on my projects.

A quick introduction, right now I have two main projects:

- The first one is Reldens, and it has it's own site, so if you don't know about it I encorage you to check it:

- The second one and the reason of this post is my first game implementation created with Reldens:

This and the following posts will be about the development process, the servers setup, and everything related to how Zephyros is been creted until it end up in production.

I really hope you like this series!

Zephyros player

Zephyros days 1, 2 and 3

First thing I did was register the domain, generate the certificates, create a base server for the game website. This took me a solid day of work (considering a day of work on 6hs, this will be a general rule when I mention "days").

Then I've started the game implementation through Reldens as most of the developers would have to do it, following up the installation guide:

At that point beta.28 was the last one and without the installer GUI I've took the old database dump and deploy it on my local server.

Everything went smoth, soon enough I have the demo working locally, so I've decided to start working on some small customizations (mostly to have some more visual progres).

While I was working on the styles I've realized the default theme had some issues on the grid, and the way the login and registration boxes were pilling up wasn't that good, so I've started beta.29 on Reldens and implemented the fixes + some improvements while adding the specific styles on Zephyros. I've spent about another day working on the styles.

Side note: I've took the approach to improve Reldens as much as I could while working on the game. I've been offering this as modality to give support on projects that wanted to implement Reldens: people from projects agree to develop some features on Reldens core to be open-source and get a reduced cost on the support hours.

I was pretty happy with the result! I did a few screenshots and publish it as "coming soon" to let people know the project was starting!

What's next? Custom content! Prepared some of the assets I had ready and came to realize the database was full of stuff I didn't needed... That's where I've went back to Reldens core... Let's split the deploy scripts...

The beta.29 was published last week, so I will come back here once I get some advances on the game!

Total hours worked: 17hs.

Hope you liked this post and the followings! See you soon!!