Reldens - MMORPG Platform - V4 coming soon!

Last updates on Reldens our MMORPG Platform!!
Reldens - MMORPG Platform - V4 coming soon! Image

Alright, time for some news!!!

As you can see V4 is giving me a lot of work, the good part is that I've realized all the issues I had and how much this can be improved.

Here's the list of the mayor changes that are been applied:

  • - A complete restructure of the code in a modular way which will include: fixes for all the current issues, the possibility to use callbacks and get into the code without modify the core (this is really important for anyone that would make their own project based on Reldens, which should work as framework), the introduction of the managers classes that makes all clean and easy to understand.

  • - The implementation of an enhanced query builder (Objection JS) to manage all the database entities and migrations.

  • - Including all the system configurations in the database (this will clean up a lot of TODO's).

  • - Including new features: NPC's, enemies, and short distance attacks.

You can understand why this is taking more time than I've expected, but the idea is to have this release as soon as possible.

That said, in order to make this time a bit more tolerable I've focused on make v4rc "work", which right now has almost all the features from v3.x except for the chat (which is the next I'm going to re-implement as the first feature available in the new features manager).

Note: for now all the managers that have any stored data, will have to be configured or changed directly in the database until I start to work on the administration panel.

V4 code can be found in the following branch:

As always all your suggestions are welcome and I'm putting al of them in my queue to be done at some point, if anyone look at v4 code and find something that can be improved code comments are obviously also welcome.